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Hi there,

My time is precious.  And I believe yours is too.

WWN Cover - Raymond FongEveryday I get hit up by folks left and right pitching me on this and that, trying to get me to join their “latest and greatest” MLM opportunity, or they ask me for free advice and consultation.

I am sorry but

  1. I am already in a few opportunities that I absolutely love and promote
  2. If I were to join another one, I’d find the people of the highest caliber and find out how we can mutually benefit from each other.
  3. Unfortunately, and this is not me trying to be snooty but it’s the simple truth, I just don’t have enough time in a day to respond to every single person vying for my attention and help

So this is what it comes down to…

Those who get my time and my attention… and ultimately my help, are leaders on my team. They are folks who benefit from my teachings, advice, and help, and frankly, those are the folks whom I personally can benefit from as well from their efforts and their success.  And that’s how we grow together and make money together.

So if you are at all interested in

  • Getting my attention
  • Leveraging off of the work I’ve already done (for myself and my team)
  • Making s**t loads of money

Then consider joining my team at the following various levels.

Carbon Copy Pro

Carbon Copy ProCarbon Copy Pro (CCPro) is as close to a comprehensive “business in a box” as you can get for direct sales opportunities.  They offer loads of training in the membership area – training essential for you to build a successful online business.  They provide a cookie cutter system (with loads of customization) so you can come in with little to no technical know-how and get started right away.

It was created by Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, and piloted by Alan Moore (the technical wizard behind the scenes).  They are all colleagues of mine (we’ve done business deals together, we’ve hung out, chilled, and masterminded several times – as a matter of fact, Jay is one of my SEO clients).  They are upstanding guys and were the first guys to implement an internet marketing system for traditional direct sales companies.

They burst onto the internet scene by taking Wealth Masters International (see below) from a little known offline company and turned them into online direct sales opportunity behemoth.  CabonCopyPro is essentially the marketing arm of Wealth Masters International and yet, CCPro is generic enough to be the marketing system for any direct sales company.

If you are interested in making big bucks, high commission, AND are serious, Carbon Copy Pro with Wealth Masters International is the way to go.

Pros: Cookie cutter plug-and-play system for ANY direct sales opportunity (especially Wealth Masters International), amazing family-like community with awesome support.

Cons: Smallish commission if used on its own, the backoffice can take a bit of getting use to navigate

One-liner: “Just what the doctor ordered for growing any direct sales business!

Click Here to Join Ray in Carbon Copy Pro

Wealth Masters International

Wealth Masters InternationalIn a world where most people are scrambling to make ends meet, people are getting laid off, and no one seems to be able to make any money… the wealthy just keeps on getting wealthier.

And the crappy thing is, most of them refuse to share  how they do it.  Punks ;)

Well, that’s where Wealth Masters International (WMI) comes in.

WMI shares with you what the rich does in ANY economy, good or bad.  They show you how the rich BECOME rich, STAY rich, and get RICHER.  That’s right, they get right down to brass knuckles on what sort of investments they make (with the times), how they do it, how they fund it, etc.

All so you can do the same.

Pros: HUUUUGGGEEE commissions, top-notch financial advice/experts/conferences, insider information the rich won’t otherwise share with you

Cons: restrictive leverage if used on its own (which is why I recommend pairing this up with Carbon Copy Pro (see above), barrier to entry is a tad high (takes money to make SERIOUS money)

One-liner: “Like getting invited into the high-society to understand WEALTH; an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else!

Click Here to Join Ray in Wealth Masters International

Numis Network

Numis NetworkTalk about being in the right place at the right time!  Though relatively new to the network marketing scene (at time of writing, they are approaching their one year mark) this company has taken the industry by storm!  Much of it thanks to the tanking of the economy where everyone and their grandmas are flocking to gold and silver… but also, thanks to how internet marketing friendly this company is.

Yes, Numis Network is one of the extremely rare MLM companies that not only allows but actually encourages online marketing (and with my team and me whispering in the owners’ ears on how to best do this, you know they’ll do a banged-up job :)

I can’t express how amazingly awesome it is to build this business, working with such high caliber people as the owners, with their understanding of the direction of future MLMs (can we say internet marketing?)

It’s the easiest sale in the world, “Trade in your value-less U.S. dollar for gold and silver which actually appreciate.  Oh, and by the way, if you want to make this a business, you can too…

Who says no to that?   ;-)

Pros: easiest sale, amazing down to earth owners, you have me and my team helping direct their marketing efforts, a product that’s actually sustainable and WORTH something, true leverage

Cons: umm… let me get back to you on this if I think of any

One-liner: “Get in… now, seriously :lol:

Click Here to Join Ray in Numis Network

My Lead System Pro

This system was designed to help you money.  Period.  Bar none.

If you are in any sort of network marketing company and want to get started online hassle free, you NEED to check them out.  Take their free trial offer.

They hook you up with all sorts of affiliate offers, most of which requires you to simply sign up for free accounts, and then their system goes to work on TWO things automatically:

  1. Promoting your main business opportunity, WHATEVER it is (you just tell the system what it is and give it the link to your sign up page)
  2. Promoting YOUR affiliate links so if any sales get made, YOU get paid

Umm… see what I mean?  You get a system designed with “make you money” in mind.  Then you promote that and now even if someone DOESN’T join your main business opportunity, you can still make money off of the if they buy any of the affiliate products or sign up for this system under you.

As a matter of fact, lots of people make more money with MLSP than with their main business opportunity.

Pros: community training environment, plug-n-play pre-built system to make you money

Cons: customization could use more variety and freedom to help make paid advertising easier

One-liner: “Truly generic marketing system built to make any network marketer money.

Click Here to Join Ray in MyLeadSystemPro

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  1. mlsp says:

    I like reading through a post that can make people think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

  2. Nelly says:

    None can doubt the vaecrity of this article.

  3. Thea says:

    i really want to success in my Network Marketing bHIP Global. so what should i do? i want to generate prospect from online, so how to do with it? do i need some tools to do this?


    • Ram says:

      At last! Someone who doesn’t just say, Go out and beg your friends and famliy to sign up under you. This sounds like he’s covered every last thing that has given MLM a bad name in the past. It’s so important to follow in the footsteps of someone who is willing to show you exactly where to place your foot instead of being told to stumble through the best you can. I don’t know of anything I’ve ever seen that looked like a better way to succeed at MLM.

    • Ali says:

      Nice and clear presentation, I have been linookg into these MLM systems and have tried only 1 before with no success, they all sound hype and some ask for large sums of money upfront but your system sounds like it has lots of great training and also free to join so all sounds good to me

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