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I’ve been fortunate over the years.

Since becoming disgruntled at my J.O.B. back in 2003, within 3 weeks of getting my first job right out of college, I started looking around for a “way out.”  And that’s when I discovered network marketing which led me to internet marketing.

I became an avid student of marketing and over the years have had the pleasure and honor of studying under some of the best in the field, mingling with them, working with and partnering up with them, and masterminding with them.

Suffice to say, I’ve learned a TON about marketing and continue to do so.

I’ve also had the privilege to teach thousands of others what I know about marketing.  I’ve gone on to author a few products related to the field of internet network marketing that I’d like to share with you.

Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing FormulaThis is the beginning of it all… I mean that in two ways.

  1. This is what brought my business partner and myself into the spotlight and ignited our internet network marketing career (this was instrumental in helping us quit our jobs)
  2. This contains all the information and strategies that allowed US personally to dominate this industry online – it is the perfect course for beginners to start THEIR same journeys

If you are serious about online marketing, specifically, leveraging the awesome power of the internet to build your home business, then this course was designed specifically for you.  It is a super easy read that breaks down all the critical concepts into easy to follow and implement chunks.

From there on, you can branch out into other aspects of internet marketing. This sets your foundation.  Check it out.

Get Ray’s Attraction Marketing Formula

Traffic Cipher

Traffic CipherDespite knowing online marketing and making a living off of doing it for myself AND teaching it to others, my passion and niche lies in a very specific part of marketing – search engine optimization (SEO).

And if you don’t know what SEO is, think of it as a way to get your website to show up on the top of the search engines whenever folks search for certain terms related to your website… bringing you traffic, leads, and buyers… all for free :-D

I think its my knowledge and expertise on this topic that really catapulted into the spotlight in this industry – no one else before has really shown this market HOW to do SEO – it’s always been a blackbox.

Traffic Cipher was actually my business partner and my second main SEO educational course (the first being SEO Networker Mastermind – see below).  It is a quickstart manual to getting you started on SEO – sharing with you the exact how to’s on getting a SEO friendly website up and running and getting it to rise in the search engine rankings for a flood of qualified free traffic.

Best part is?  By opting in you get my free Traffic Cipher Special Report!

Get Ray’s Traffic Cipher

SEO Networker Mastermind

SEO Networker MastermindIf there ever was a PhD course in SEO, this would be it… this is the braindump of all my SEO knowledge combined with my business partner’s – we’ve literally spent over $150,000 to garnish (books, personal mentorship by some of the best in the SEO field, seminars, courses, projects, experiments, etc.)

This contains all the nitty gritty details of SEO that you can ever hope to know… and then some.  It is HIGHLY recommended you go through Traffic Cipher (see above) before you dive into this comprehensive SEO course.

It’s not for the weak of heart :-)

Get Ray’s SEO Networker Mastermind

Ray Fong

Raymond Fong


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