Open Letter of Apology

This is for all you reformed MLMers who now see the possibility and the beauty of building your network marketing business ONLINE – attracting folks who are actively LOOKING for you and your business opportunity – and who now realizes the errors of your old ways – CHASING after people who couldn’t give a damn about your or any other home business opportunities…

The following is an apology letter template for your convenience.  I’d suggest you send this out to all your “warm-circle” ex-friends.

Dear _____,

I want to apologize and take responsibility for how our friendship ended several years ago.

And frankly, apologize for being straight up an annoying, self-righteous, pompous, pain-in-the-ass.

At that time I was consumed with _____ and what I thought was “my” business.  And to make matters worse, I was consumed with making that YOUR business as well.

I was convinced that _____ was the coolest thing since sliced bread and I refused to accept the fact that you didn’t see it my way.

Every time we’d hang out, I’d somehow always manage to bring the conversation back to a “startup business meeting” I was holding at my place that coming weekend and since you are such a good friend AND are intelligent, you absolutely had to be there.  After all, only stupid and un-motivated lazy people missed those types of meetings.

I’d call you and pester you to let me come over with all my demo products so I can PROVE to you that my box of _____ detergent was the bomb – never mind that it was 10 times the cost of store shelf brands and I was getting twelve boxes every month automatically shipped to me (and you would have had to too – but it would’ve been okay I promised since I would’ve shown you how to turn _____ detergent into cat litter, deodorant, soap, and baking powder replacement so you’d only have to store six unused boxes in your garage every month.)

I’d hassle you to come to our next big _____ “training conference” where you would’ve met a bunch of millionaires and could’ve waited in line to *GASP* shake their hands!  I would’ve exposed you to the insane “pump you up” talks that’s geared at nothing but to get you EXCITED about this amazing business opportunity which only ignorant and stupid people would say no to.

I’d have my “mentor”, a total stranger who got your number through me, 3-way call you so we can try to sell you the dream, the hype, and the PLAN.

And when you kindly and gently said no to all of it, I thumbed my nose at you thinking you are a fool – then I’d follow my “mentor’s”, who’s really nobody but someone interested in me getting more people into _____ so his paycheck can grow, advice and cut ties with you.

Little did I know that I was the fool.

I was the one who was misled into believing this was the way to grow a business – hassling people who weren’t at all interested about a company that wasn’t as it promised to be.

Little did I know that in that backwards company there was no leverage, no draw, and no luster… and frankly, NO PAYIt was all built on hopes and dreams and more often than not, the cost of friendships and relationships – like ours.

I realize the errors of my way and apologize for being so ignorant and blind.  I lacked business sense and frankly had no experience nor understanding of the network marketing industry.  I was desperate for leads, prospects, sales, and customers and was willing to do ANYTHING, at whatever the cost, to get them, much like my uplines.

I was out of place and I apologize.

Since then I’ve moved on from _____.

After extensive research and having gained much wisdom in this industry, I found a different company I can be proud of with a model that’s sustainable and enjoyable.

I no longer chase after and harass my family and friends – I no longer need nor want to.  I now market online, utilizing the awesome tool of the internet so folks who are looking for me come find me, instead of me chasing after them.

Rest assured, I will not bring it up with you, ever, unless you speak of it.  I am sorry about what happened and wish to make it right – I wish for us to rekindle our friendship.  Will you forgive me?


Ex-annoying Old School MLMer


  1. Amberlee says:

    Now I feel stpuid. That’s cleared it up for me

  2. Joan says:

    A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this atrcile.

  3. I can think of dozens of former leads that this rehabilitated MLM stalker should send this letter to, Ray… if it wasn’t so true it would make me laugh… :-)

  4. Raymond says:

    @Ryan – yeah, there’s power to the good ol’ ways I have to admit, I owe a lot of personal development tot he “good ol’ ways”… but marketing wise? not much ;) Next weeks’ gonna be awesome, makes sure you do your homework

    @Adam – lol, hope I didn’t piss anyone off but yeah, good ol’ “Family Reunion” a stage full of EX-drug-addicts, lunatics, and crazies who are now heroes because they overcame… sweet jeevus, do we ALL have to get addicted to drugs and then quit to become heroes??

  5. Adam Holland says:

    I’m so posting this on Facebook. Amazing Raymond. Just amazing.

    (I also liked the “Family Reunion” comment from your email to the speakers from NES. Hysterical, haha)

    All the best,

    Adam Holland

  6. Ryan Grace says:

    Ahhhh, the good ‘ol days! I sure don’t miss ‘em, but they definitely led to some interesting discussions! It all boils down to mindset and some people just don’t have it and unfortunately think all they are capable of is punching a clock at a J-O-B!

    See ya next week, can’t wait!


  7. Dwayne says:

    Interesting… I don’t apologize I still get checks from doing mlm the old school way…

    I take you’ve probably had bad experiences?


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