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Usage of Numis‘ Name

Numis NetworkNumis Network has no problem with you using their name… responsibly of course.  They do have a moderation/compliance team patrolling the web, but that’s more for watching out for the rotten apples that say stupid stuff than to actually censor the rest of us who are marketing in honest and appropriate fashion.

I have plenty of domains with their name in it and of course, reference the company and its products plenty of times with absolutely no repercussion.

In chatting with Chris, one of the co-founders of the company, he states simply that he knows how marketing works, especially online, and bottom line is as long as no one is trying to tarnish the name, bash the company, or hurt its distributors, he’s fine.

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The RISK Factor

Hmm… this is a tough one.  Considering what we are dealing with here – collectible gold and silver coins – there is absolutely an element of risk here.  Who the heck knows for sure what’s going to happen tomorrow to the value of gold and silver coins – they might go up (logic and trend tell us they will) or they can inexplicably plummet.

Risk or not… I still say a garage full of gold and silver coins beat out a garage full of detergent or energy drinks any day of the week :)

As for the company itself… having met and brainstormed with the co-founder along with some of the top earners in the industry, I feel really good about where it’s going.  The infrastructure is solid, the business plan is well thought out and executed.  On top of that, just the nature of its products are gathering so much support from seasoned network and internet marketers alike… I think the company will be a powerhouse in the future ti come.

So they kind of balance each other out in this category.

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The Products

numis reviewWhile most other network marketing companies are busy selling you on the notion that “consumables” are what you want to sell because “they get used up and the user HAS to buy from you again and again”.  Consumables like ya know… toothpaste, detergent, vitamins, etc.  Only problem is, those “consumables” are for one, more expensive than what your average consumers are use to… and two, you are stuck with them if you don’t sell you auto-ship worth of supplies.

What’s a garage full of detergent, toothpaste, soap, vitamins, energy drinks, and toilet paper worth? Not much…

On the other hand, what’s a garage full of gold and silver coins worth?  Well, unless all hell breaks loose any time soon and gold and silver plummet, at which point...» it’s worth a heck of a lot more than a garage full of consumables.

Numis sells collectible gold and silver coins which go up (and down…) in value.   Currently, in this down economy, they are doing VERY well.  And if we look at history, they will do well for a good time to come.

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Compensation Plan

Solid solid compensation plan.  You get paid quite a bit in quite a few different ways.  The only thing I am not as enthused about (and it sounds like they are heeding our advice on this) is the lack of a high ticket upsell item which would net high commissions on a completed sale.  But it sounds like they are going to incorporate a high ticket item soon which would be killer.

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Expect more to come in this area… currently the back office training is more in the form of teaching you all about gold and silver, coins, grading, rules, etc.  It’s a bit light in terms of actually teaching you how to market and build a business.  But then again, this company is still relatively young and are still building up its core training infrastructure, I expect some good things to come.  UPDATE: I am in the process of developing a system for this company so pretty soon, I’ll be taking care of the “training” for my team :)

In the mean time… this is precisely why you want to find a good team to join who knows their stuff when it comes to marketing, online and/or offline, developing you and also teaching you business sense :)

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NumisThis is another area where Numis absolutely SHINE!  They give you so many degrees of freedom when it comes to marketing, it’s just rad :)

As long as you don’t tarnish their name, deceive your prospects, call Numis an “investment” (FTC ruling or something…), and in general be honest, fair, and legit in your marketing efforts, they will be totally cool with your marketing and even encourage you.

Being an internet marketer, this is a huge deal for me since I’ve experienced companies that literally threatened to terminate my business because I was doing online marketing… to get the word out about THEM and to help THEM make money.  Needless to say, I am no longer with those companies and am stoked about Numis’ generous marketing policies.

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Personal Experience

Ya know… being on a team with some of my good and savvy internet marketing friends is absolutely killer.  Hanging out with them, masterminding over some good brew, mocking each other (like we do best…), all the while making money together is such a privilege that makes me ever so grateful to have been able to quit my J-O-B and do this full time.

I’ve met with one o the founders, have the top earner on speed dial, am on a team that’s actually helping corporate improve on their marketing. All of that makes me feel REALLY good about this opportunity and company :)  Sure there are kinks that need to be worked out, there’s been a few hiccups with utilizing their systems and a few other minor gaps, but all in all, I am feeling good.

Look for some amazing things to come from this company.

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Total score out of 40: 37

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To your success,

Raymond Fong

*Disclaimer* I do promote Numis and get commission from them… so despite my best effort at being objective in this review, by nature there is still bias to some degree.

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  2. The infrastructure is solid, the business plan is well thought out and executed. On top of that, just the nature of its products are gathering so much support from seasoned network and internet marketers alike

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